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ShoeMaker Viewer is a program specifically developed for viewing 3D footwear design models (SHOE) and design variants created in ShoeMaker or ShoeMaker Pro.

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Delcam ShoeMaker (Crispin ShoeMaker) is a 3D concept footwear design solution.

... design solution. It integrates fully 3D designs ... sports shoes and other designs that ...

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RhinoShoe is a shoe plug-in for Rhinoceros that provides advanced tools for scaling and correcting shoes and patterns.

... is a shoe plug-in ... and correcting shoes and ... , developing 3D curves on ... texture 3D designer.

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DSLR Shutter is designed to be a simple tool to capture long-exposure images from digital SLR cameras using their "bulb" setting.

... Shutter is designed to be ...

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ShoeBox is an Adobe Air based application for the game and user-interface developers.

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Guidemaster is a tool for the automatic tracking of a telescope on a equatorial mounting by USB-Webcam.

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The Shoemaker Village Vote Bot is a simple solution for holding polls in public places throughout the Activeworlds Universe.


iTriTracker is a user-friendly windows-based application used to track multiple event types (e.

... , such as shoes or a bike ... - Duration - Gear (Shoes, Clothes, etc ...


Step into the shoes of an up-and-coming mall designer in Create A Mall!

... into the shoes of an ... coming mall designer in Create ... profession by designing and developing ...