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virtuAMP is an open source real time virtual guitar amplifier for your home computer.

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Claudio offers wide range of sound quality parameters for recording (11-192 kHz, 8/16-bit, mono/stereo).

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CloneCD makes backup copies of your music and data CDs, regardless of standard conformity.

... The award-winning user interface ... -RWs - Amplifies weak sectors ... -drive or virtual drives - ...

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WinMDI is an older 16-bit Windows application and reads most FCS 2.

... baseline logrithmic amplifier behavior (i.e. zero ...

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AirRack is a live environment for those who make sound effects for TV program and other live performance.

... following racks: > Amplifier: the component ... to the amplifier. > Effects: dual ...

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With catman®Easy you can perform a large number of different measurement tasks quickly and simply without wasting time or effort on programming.

... configure your amplifier much faster ...-All attached amplifiers are recognized ...

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Any audio codecs, like MP3, AAC and other, and streaming audio use lossy compression algorithms which negatively impact ...

... Fidelity Amplifier. SX Fidelity Amplifier improves ... Sound with Amplified Fidelity

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Ants DVD Player is a free while high-quality DVD movie playing program.

... , Vista and Win 7. It can ... , digital audio amplifier, playing area ...

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WinEEG advanced version allows the user all of the functions of the basic version and additionally the ability ...

... Mitsar-202 amplifiers and can ... Mitsar-201 amplifiers for an ...

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You want to design a bipolar transistor amplifier and you search for an easy way to do this.

... a bipolar transistor amplifier and you ... individual transistor amplifier with a few ...

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QuickSmith is a Smith Chart based linear circuit simulation program for Microsoft Windows.

... network components - Amplifier design/analysis ... matching and amplifier design

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YASKAWA SigmaWin is a program for the setup and tuning of Yaskawa SERVOPACKs.

... the servo amplifiers and their ...