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With VoiceTranslator you will be able to practice translation between two languages in a natural and comfortable way.

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Translate your voice into computer beeps, touch-tone phones or let out random farts without eating beans.

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Program for translation words from several languages. Main features:

... features: Automatical translation of typed ... on hotkey Voice translation Navigation using ...

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German-English Text-to-Voice Machine Translation. Write in German, hear (and see) the translation in English.

... Text-to-Voice Machine Translation. Write ... text-to-voice bilingual translation we ...

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Forefront technology and the utmost innovative power have merged to create the ultimate Translator ...

... for your translation, Voice Recognition for ...

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Babylon is the world's leading provider of language solutions, such as online and offline dictionary and translation ...

... Proofreading, Human Voice, More Languages ... and document translation, seamless integration ...

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This add-on provides Voice recognition capabilities on one hand, so you can dictate your text in English ...

... provides Voice recognition ... voice (all available Voice ... for the Translator and Appendix ...


Learning foreign languages has always been human's great wish so that he/she would be able to communicate with others.

... first Persian voice translator to simplify ... . Parsia is a voice translator that utilizes ...

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Use your PC to record meetings, phone calls, interviews, voice messages and audio reminders.

... email the translated voice clip. Video ...

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This application can transform the sound of your voice into that of Donald Trump.

... called voice imitator) translates your voice in ...


Synthesized voices are computer voices that sound like humans.

Synthesized voices are computer voices that ... are many voices that ... choose which voices you ...

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English-Russian and Russian-English Slovoed dictionary software for Windows lets you easily find appropriate ...

... get Word Translations without ... pre-recorded voice of ... words. Translation direction will ...