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Educational applications are very popular nowadays and this category offers a whole range of options including the tools that will help you acquire or improve your language, computer, or science skills.

Rush Software

Craig Walton


2.7 on 65 votes

Daniel Viktorin

David Liebke

Daum Communications

5 on 2 votes

Gary C. Martin

4.1 on 78 votes

Avocado Hills, Inc.

3.2 on 47 votes

Kenneth Garzo


3.4 on 23 votes

Emmanuel Guillot

5 on 62 votes

j. barnholt

Orbicule, Inc.

Philippe Logel

5 on 7 votes

Sankaty Language Learning, LLC

Mainstream Engineering Corporation

StepWare Inc.

3.5 on 92 votes

CleverMedia, Inc.

Bastian Roessler

3.4 on 95 votes


Visage Imaging GmbH

Visual Data Tools, Inc.

5 on 87 votes

AroniSoft LLC

All About Learning Press, Inc.

5 on 92 votes

BergGram Development

Apple Inc.