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Educational applications are very popular nowadays and this category offers a whole range of options including the tools that will help you acquire or improve your language, computer, or science skills.


4 on 39 votes

Akadem GmbH

3.2 on 25 votes

Unbound Medicine, Inc.

Stulman Software

5 on 87 votes

Paul Tsai

Andrei Sokolov

2.7 on 68 votes


5 on 65 votes

Sunburst Technology

Raphael Bost

4.8 on 67 votes


Avocado Hills, Inc.

W. Xavier Snelgrove


Studlar Software

4 on 41 votes


CleverMedia, Inc.

Southern Stars

4.4 on 27 votes

Matthias Ihrke

Custom Solutions of Maryland

Sergei L Kosakovsky Pond

Roman Schlegel

David R. Maddison and Wayne P. Maddison

2.4 on 10 votes

Mekentosj B.V. Gerberastraat

Mark Widholm

5 on 1 vote

The Imagine Team

Klap Edutainment