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Educational applications are very popular nowadays and this category offers a whole range of options including the tools that will help you acquire or improve your language, computer, or science skills.

AlphaOmega Software

3.6 on 20 votes

Christian Mézes

5 on 48 votes

Moodle development team

3.9 on 98 votes


Ian Page

4.4 on 15 votes

Thomas Goddard

Marek Ledvina

Computer Aided Elearning, S.A.

SAS Institute Inc.

Incline Software, LC.

Digital Orientation Resolutions Inc.


2.5 on 13 votes


Toshiyuki Takahei

Marley Watkins

Webrich Software

B. Tanase

Ossus GmbH

5 on 26 votes


Cengage Learning Australia Pty

Marek Ledvina

2.6 on 35 votes

Runiter Company

3.9 on 11 votes

Cresset Group

Thomas Freytag

3.9 on 76 votes

Juice Dental Media Design