This section is the right place to look for quest and exploration games you like. The big list of games allows to try a lot of different worlds to explore.

Reflexive Entertainment

Robinson Technologies

4.6 on 90 votes


3.7 on 77 votes

By VNL Entertainment

3 Turn Productions

Solutions Etcetera

Chris Johnson , Brad Barrett , John Oestmann

Skyler Newman

Interactive Binary Illusions / Red Sprite Studios

The Game Creators

Alawar Entertainment Inc.

5 on 1 vote


PlayFlock ltd.

Dead Man Walking Games, LLC.

4.7 on 9 votes

Braden "Blzut3" Obrzut

Florent Poisson

Sunlight Games GmbH


3.5 on 82 votes


Pangea Software, Inc.

5 on 12 votes

Winter Wolves

Random Seed Games

Team Twisted

Lonely Troops

4.4 on 63 votes

KingsIsle Entertainment

4.6 on 47 votes