Guide an army, build a farming empire, simulate a life of an ordinary worker and reach the top of a career in the games from this group. This category is for those who ever wanted to try on a different profession or lifestyle.

Manan Panchal

Jetro Lahua

5 on 1 vote



5 on 78 votes

Youda Games Holding B.V.

Colossal Order Ltd.

Simulators Live

2.2 on 26 votes

matthew worrall

Eiperle CGM

3.3 on 28 votes

Laminar Research

5 on 1 vote

Nick Turley

Dan Crosby

Konami Corporation

3.9 on 30 votes

Sophie Harding

Code-Puppy Software

4.7 on 93 votes

Laminar Research

1 on 1 vote

Glu Games Inc.

Haversine Ltd.

Last Day of Work

4.9 on 58 votes

Alawar Entertainment, Inc.

Eco City Games

Thomas Drexl

Joe Wilm


Last Day of Work

Andrew Trevorrow and Tomas Rokicki

5 on 22 votes