Card games

This category allows to relax playing different card games, many of which are very popular. Solitaire, poker and blackjack are sure to entertain you.


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3.4 on 76 votes

JCP Software

Silver Creek Entertainment

Novel Games Limited

Marcello Chitarrella

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Graeme Gott


Novel Games

Silver Creek Entertainment

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Michael Sedore

4.6 on 56 votes

Max Radermacher

BVS Development Corporation.

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Gypsy King Software


GOTO Games

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Solitaire Forever

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Donohoe Digital LLC

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David Skelly

4.2 on 66 votes

Silver Creek Entertainment

PCv enr

3.9 on 36 votes

Apino Soft

Solitaire Forever

2.1 on 8 votes

Lost Token Software LLC