Mysterious riddles, hard to solve puzzles and logic quests form the essence of this group. The games in this category will make your brains work, sometimes granting the feel of unsolved mystery.

JoyBits Ltd.

5 on 72 votes

LokiTap LLC

Tinman Learning

Millennium Monkey

4.1 on 46 votes

Alice Dev Team

5 on 1 vote

Duksel Corp.

Shirvano LLC

Logik State

5 on 1 vote

Eric Froemling

5 on 58 votes

redBit games

Hemisphere Games

4 on 2 votes

Candy Grill LLC

Nuclear Nova Software

3.7 on 96 votes

Spotkin LLC

Colibri Games

3.5 on 2 votes

Anawiki Games

Donkeysoft Inc.

Aelius productions

State of Play Games Ltd.

3.8 on 30 votes

jalada GmbH

2.8 on 23 votes

Andreas Konarski

Graveck Interactive LLC


Mathieu Fay

10tons Ltd.

3.3 on 95 votes

Ivanovich Games

Freeverse Software