Roleplay games

Control the magic powers, create fireballs or call the lightning on your foes, be the first swordsman in roleplaying games. This group has a lot to offer, so the chances that you will find something you like are high.


Absolutist Ltd

The Stone Soup Team

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Big Fish Games

Reality Pump

Hanako Games

Bill Meltsner

Stark Apps GmbH

Spiderweb Software, Inc

4.9 on 40 votes


Vianney Lecroart

2 on 1 vote

Runic Games, Inc.

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4 on 65 votes

Puzzle Lab, Inc.

NGD Studios

Hothead Games Inc.

LairWare Software

Guild Software Inc.

The Deliantra Team

5 on 1 vote

PlayFirst, Inc.

3 on 1 vote


4.3 on 55 votes

Big Splash Games

Black Cloud Studios


Winter Wolves

Gravity Interactive Inc.

Aspyr Media

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