Roleplay games

Control the magic powers, create fireballs or call the lightning on your foes, be the first swordsman in roleplaying games. This group has a lot to offer, so the chances that you will find something you like are high.

Paul Speed

NC Interactive

Silver Creek Entertainment

3.9 on 44 votes

Eternal Lands

Ben Hanks

Ryan Browne

4.7 on 56 votes

Basilisk Games


4.7 on 47 votes

Manan Panchal

4.1 on 78 votes

Mean Hamster


The Fullbright Company

3.4 on 97 votes

Blizzard Entertainment

4.6 on 79 votes

Aspyr Media

3 on 2 votes

Runic Games, Inc.

3.7 on 32 votes

Skunk Studios, Inc.

Nathan Gallardo


NCH Software

Basilisk Games


5 on 58 votes

Peter Blain

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