Card games

This category allows to relax playing different card games, many of which are very popular. Solitaire, poker and blackjack are sure to entertain you.

dogMelon Pty Ltd

4.3 on 100 votes

5 on 57 votes

G5 Entertainment

5 on 1 vote

Andreas Seyfarth

Absolutist Ltd

Giuseppe Calcagno

Novel Games Limited

Haolan Qin

Ross Franklin

Simone Tellini

5 on 6 votes


2.7 on 21 votes

Peter Schart

Diwaniya Labs

3.3 on 19 votes

Gustaf Lindquist Software

4.3 on 60 votes

Stimuli Limited

Solitaire Forever

3.8 on 78 votes

Making Fun, Inc.


Matt Neuburg

5 on 11 votes

FlopTech Engineering

Computer Solitaire for Mac Games


4.3 on 70 votes