This category holds games of various genres, including family games for all ages. Tools that are created to improve your gaming, apply control adjustments, change configurations can also be found here.

Candy Crush

Tom Salvo

Klap Edutainment


5 on 1 vote

Software MacKiev

Konami Corporation

3.9 on 30 votes

Power of 2

Yohei Iwasaki

5 on 79 votes

Yohei Iwasaki

8floor ltd.

Kedronic UAB

4.2 on 79 votes

BlitWise Productions LLC.


The Zolyx Zone

Charles Goatley

Graeme Gott

Education Terra

Labo Lado Inc.

Eric Froemling

5 on 58 votes

Istom Games Kft.

1.9 on 55 votes

Yohei Iwasaki

3.4 on 89 votes

BlueLine Games

Florent Poisson

YPR Software B.V.