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Katha: Bangla Text To Speech Download
3.2 on 105 votes

Kathak is a Bangla text to speech synthesizer which can produce the speech from unicode bangla text input.

Text to Speech Maker Download
3.1 on 238 votes

Let you listen to documents, e-mails or web pages instead of reading on screen.

Sinhala Text to Speech Download
3.3 on 64 votes

While there were some experimental TTS systems by the UCSC for Sinhala are already under work ...

Akkhor Bangla Download
3.4 on 14 votes

Akkhor Bangla is a software developed to help it's users easily write Bangla.

Balabolka Download
4.1 on 57 votes

Balabolka is a Text-To-Speech (TTS) program that can read the clipboard content, view the text from AZW ...

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Law App Download

♥♥ Features of this Law Learning App ♥♥✓ Important Act/Law of 17 countries [India ...

...section, using Text To Speech✓ Advanced...

BanglaWord Download
3.4 on 2565 votes

BanglaWord is a smart word processing application, specifically designed for writing Bengali documents.

...Bengali documents. Bangla text is entered ...of any Bangla font. This...

Avro Keyboard Download
3.8 on 1786 votes

Avro Keyboard provides a language bar for typing in Beglali language (Bangla).

...Beglali language (Bangla). It allows ...English to Bangla Phonetic insert Bangla words...

Bangla Caculator Download
2.8 on 15 votes

Bangla Caculator is the first calculator of the world that has two languages.

Bangla Caculator is both Bangla and English the Bangla mode, where...

Shoshi English to Bangla Dictionary Download
3.6 on 161 votes

Shoshi English to Bangla Dictionary is a complete dictionary software with all the current words.

...Bangla Dictionary is a complete dictionary software ...having any bangla font & language...

BanglaKotha Download
3.0 on 35 votes

BanglaKotha is an easy to use application, developed in order to ease communication.

BanglaDictionary Download
3.3 on 132 votes

It is a Bengali to Bengali, Bengali to English, English to Bengali Dictionary.

...English to Bangla Dictionary lets...

BanglaOCR Download
4.1 on 39 votes

This projects aims to develop an Optical Character Recognizer that can recognize Bangla Scripts.

...can recognize Bangla Scripts. This ...development of a Bangla / Bengali OCR...

Akkhor Bangla Package Download
3.5 on 20 votes

Akkhor is a beautiful piece of Bengali software. With this software you can easily write bengali language.

...Bengali software. With this software ...- Type Bangla phonetically. As ...any texts to...

Bangla Radio 24 Toolbar Download
3.5 on 2 votes

Bangla Radio 24 Toolbar is a captivating tool for your browser.

Bangla Radio 24...