FDM 5.1.30

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Free Download Manager features - support for Windows and Mac OS X

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Foofind Download Manager is a fast client for the Torrent P2P networks.

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Fast Download Manager is a tool to increase download speeds by up to 5 times, resume and schedule downloads.

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Download files from your favourite websites easily and many more features:


Flash Demon Memorizer will help you to memorize a lot of text, graphic and sound data in a short period of time.

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Cross-platform PHP5 component libraries / extensions for development on Windows, Unix, Linux, Mac, etc.


FDMS Integrator includes components for direct credit card authorization and transaction processing through FDMS , a major Internet Payment Processor.

FDMS Integrator includes ... processing through FDMS , a major Internet ...

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Fujitsu Display Manager is a utility for switching displays for PC output.

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Free Download Manager Language pack is an add-on that allows you to use FDM in different languages.

... to use FDM in different ... -on requires FDM 3.9.7 installed in ...

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Flash Decompile Master is supplied as a stand-alone application for decompiling flash movies.

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FDM Password Decryptor is the desktop software to instantly recover premium account passwords stored by Free Download Manager (FDM).

... Download Manager (FDM). FDM is popular ... passwords from FDM * Automatically detects ...