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PCMSCAN is a fully featured generic OBD-II scanner and diagnostic software that supports a wide variety of OBD-II hardware interfaces.

... and diagnostic software that supports ... a full 3D view of ... horsepower and torque to measure ...

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Free Unit Converter is a quick and effective way to make easy unit conversions between 5000 various units of measure in 21 categories.

... , Power, Energy, Torque, Fractions, Computer ... a completly FREE Software. It contains ...

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OBD-2 Vehicle Explorer Scan Tool Browser - Browser for automotive OBD-2 networks.

... or inlcudes torque, knock retard ...

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The Engine Analyzer Pro is a comprehensive software package for the professional engine builder or engineer to simulate an engine build-up or modification.

... is a comprehensive software package for ... effect on torque, HP, air ...

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aerofly5 offers a wide variety of features for RC-pilots. Features:

... t-raining aids: torque roll training ...

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Working Model 2D is a motion simulation product with powerful anaytical tools.

... measuring force, torque, acceleration, etc ...

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ESBUnitConv Pro is an Enhanced user-friendly Windows Utility to easily convert between 902 units in 37 different measurement categories.

... Consumption, Flow, Torque, Angles, Time ... . Unit Conversion Software that is ...


ElectraSpec is a CD-ROM based on-line technical databank for EFI and Automatic Transmissions, covering a large number of Australian vehicles.

... . - Tune and torque specifications. - Reference ...


Via communication software PSCS it is possible to adjust valve-specific details, actuation thrust/torque and speed ...

Via communication software PSCS it ... actuation thrust/torque and speed ... force or torque values ...


The ConFigXP Transform your XP2i into an indicator for Torque, Force, Level or any other unit using the Custom Units Wizard.

... indicator for Torque, Force, Level ...