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Micro-Cap Download
4.0 on 69 votes

Micro-Cap 12 is an integrated schematic editor and mixed analog/digital simulator that provides an interactive sketch ...

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DanCap Download
4.0 on 187 votes

DanCap™ 1.0 Capilary Tube Selection Software This software allows the user to calculate a capillary tube throttling

MicroType Download
3.6 on 878 votes

The MicroType software is a keyboarding program that consists of a tutorial, reinforcement activities, educational games, and a word processor.


MiViewCap Download
3.3 on 23 votes

MiViewCap is a tool that allows you to view micro-objects through MiView digital microscope.

...to view micro-objects through...

Word-to-LaTeX Download
3.3 on 16 votes

Word-to-LaTeX is a program for converting Microsoft Word documents into LaTeX and XML formats (additional formats can be easily added through the configuration).

...italic, small caps, subscript, superscript...

VidCap Download
4.1 on 15 votes

VIDCAP32 is a Microsoft program that demonstrates the basic functionality of Video For Windows (VFW).

SkypeCap Download
3.0 on 14 votes

With SkypeCap you are able to record microphone audio chatting and moreover, the most interesting part - webcam real-time Skype video.

MadCap Help Viewer Download

MadCap Help Viewer is a freely redistributable content viewer that is based on Microsoft’s (NasdaqNM: MSFT) .

FastCap Download
4.0 on 78 votes

FastCap is a smart PC game recorder to Capture your gameplay and Compress game video and audio on the fly while you are playing them!

CapTrue Download
3.7 on 53 votes

CapTrue is Microsoft Windows software for creating desktop screenshots very easily.

Midtown Madness 2 Download
4.2 on 192 votes

Midtown Madness 2 delivers even more mad-cap racing excitement with all the wild and hair-raising racing challenges you've come to expect!

...more mad-cap racing excitement...