Action games

Action games are the ones almost everyone has heard about and played at least once. These know how to hold your attention for long. Shooters are the best representatives of this genre.

Binary Zoo, The Game Creators

4 on 63 votes


Federico Isacchi

5 on 1 vote

Big Pixel Studios

Unity Technologies


4.8 on 5 votes


Yohei Iwasaki

Buka Game Studio


Transhuman directive

Kevin Christy

Matteo Guarnieri

4.1 on 98 votes

Phelios Inc


3.4 on 19 votes

No More Room in Hell Team

RT Solutions

Virtual Programming Ltd

Rogue Snail

Gazillion Entertainment

Encore Software

Kot in Action Creative Artel

Extreme Developers

By Charlie's Games

Jagex Limited

Telltale games

4.3 on 18 votes