Action games

Action games are the ones almost everyone has heard about and played at least once. These know how to hold your attention for long. Shooters are the best representatives of this genre.


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Nicholas Dean

5 on 92 votes

Glu Games Inc.

Michael Sandt

4.1 on 39 votes

Javier Chavez

e dot studios

The Greater Bay Area Make-A-Wish Foundation

Aspyr Media, Inc.

5 on 77 votes

Feral Interactive Ltd

5 on 1 vote

InMotion Software, LLC

Treehouse Ltd.

Alawar Entertainment, Inc.

Django Cass

Gaijin Entertainment

4.1 on 53 votes

4.5 on 2 votes

TameStorm Games


Bootant LLC

3 on 96 votes

SkyVu pictures

4 on 1 vote

The Tremulous Team

3.3 on 37 votes


Cookie Jar Entertainment Inc.