Action games

Action games are the ones almost everyone has heard about and played at least once. These know how to hold your attention for long. Shooters are the best representatives of this genre.

Ivan Safrin


Amju Games

Metaversal Studios


J. Kyle Pittman

Rake In Grass

4.6 on 45 votes

Norberto Bizzarri

Dennaton Games

Rockstar Games

Studio Wildcard, Instinct Games , Efecto Studios, Virtual Basement LLC


Exclusive Games

Coffee Stain Studios

Dead Mage Inc.

4.6 on 46 votes

Nerdook Productions

Aspyr Media

4.3 on 89 votes

Rake In Grass

3.6 on 64 votes

Tommy Twisters

TIGSource Ratpack

3.2 on 55 votes

Warner Bros.

4 on 1 vote

Space Dream Factory

Skunk Studios, Inc.


4.3 on 26 votes

Deng Team

Mass Threat, LLC