Action games

Action games are the ones almost everyone has heard about and played at least once. These know how to hold your attention for long. Shooters are the best representatives of this genre.

Pixel Federation

Cube Team & Rabid Viper Productions

4.4 on 73 votes

Lemondo Entertainment


Tinman Learning

Tengu Games

3.8 on 8 votes

Free To Play

Black Curtain Studio

PopCap Games

5 on 1 vote


Avalinx, Inc.

2.6 on 89 votes

Infinity Ward , Sledgehammer Games , Aspyr (Mac)

Christiaan Janssen

Weikuan Zhou

4.6 on 95 votes

Matthew Tytel

Splash Damage

4.5 on 2 votes

FrozenSand, LLC

4 on 12 votes

Outrage Entertainment


5 on 27 votes


4.6 on 53 votes



3.7 on 88 votes

Rovio Entertainment Ltd

4.7 on 3 votes

Sandy Knoll Software, LLC

4.1 on 97 votes

Bootant LLC